Leigh Sutcliffe

Photographer Perth.
Perth Photographer


Hi everyone, my name is Leigh.


I was raised in Adelaide and now live in Perth.


My hobbies include photography, acting, singing and music

I tend to have a flare for the theatrics, and this comes out in my Photography.


I have a passion for the alternative such as Cosplay, Gothic, Steam Punk and Neko just to name a few.


I love to photograph anything that is fun and captures the essence of the character!


I chose the name VESPA for my photography as it used to be my online gaming name and has great sentimental value to me.


My qualifications: 


1990-1992 Studied at the University of South Australia

Major in Community Theatre with sub majors in Art and Music.

Photography tended to compliment all three aspects.


Let's face it, anyone who loves to dress up, loves to get their photo taken. Therefore, I get to work with some magnificent people.