• Leigh Sutcliffe

100 Portraits in a Day, Jan 3 2021

A New Year A New Studio To celebrate we will officially launch 2021 and the studio with my Portrait challenge.

What Better way to introduce everyone to the Studio then through an free open day

15 Saddlehill Ramble in Ballajura .

Lets see if we can make it to 100 this time

One Stool One Photographer One Day One Hundred People

Vespa might be best known for Cosplay, but this particular day its all about the Portrait.

This is a Free event and everyone is welcome to attend.

No particular theme.

Wear what makes you feel comfortable and what makes you tick.

As it has the potential to be one of my biggest events, I will be blocking out time slots for everyone to put their names down into the times they wish to attend. Please note I will have an average of 5 minutes per person. You are welcome to come dressed however you please, cosplay or civilian Each hour time slot can have a maximum of 10 to 12 people. Please try to be a little early. Everyone is welcome to hang around a socialise. As always there will be Coffee , Tea and light snacks for everyone.

Visit my Facebook Page and register .

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